Airlines are increasingly accommodating jet-setting pets – even in SA! | The Citizen

There is nothing sadder than having to say goodbye to your furry friends when you go on holiday, watching their sad eyes as you reverse out of the driveway.

But, as more and more travellers opt to take their fur babies with them when they travel, airlines are adapting to meet this need.

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global pet travel services market was estimated at USD 1.96 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.69% from 20...

South Africans experience stress levels that make it difficult to cope – survey | The Citizen

Despite living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, South Africans are one of the most stressed-out nations on the continent. According to a survey by Ipsos World Mental Health, 70% of South Africans have faced stress levels that make it difficult to cope with life’s demands and more than half reported feeling so stressed that they were unable to attend work over the last year.

The survey based on three years of data from more than 23 000 participants across 31 countries conce...

The winter blues are real, and on the increase as temperatures start to drop | The Citizen

SAD has been described as a specifier of depression, or a pattern in which depression occurs. Picture: iStockAccording to a 2022 research paper by the Wits/Medical Research Council Developmental Pathways for Health Research Unit (DPHRU), more than a quarter of South Africans suffer from probable depression with higher levels in certain provinces.

The study, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health, revealed that 25.7% of South Africans are probably depressed, with more th...

Affordable healthcare is about to get a lot more accessible in SA | The Citizen

How many times have you suffered through the day at work, feeling terrible, but not sure if you are sick enough to justify spending R500 – R700 on a GP consultation fee. Or perhaps you just couldn’t get time off from work to go to the doctor or clinic.

As the world observed World Health Day on Sunday, 7 April, Unu Health, in partnership with Intercare announced that they will be launching a groundbreaking ‘as-you-go’ offering that will revolutionise accessible healthcare in South Africa.


Glam Guru, Hannon Bothma opens up about missing estranged husband’s return | The Citizen

Co-owner of the HANNON brand, 59-year-old Julius Swart has been found, Netwerk24 reported on Wednesday afternoon.

The estranged husband and business partner of television personality and stylist, Hannon Bothma was missing for a little more than two months. The Glam Guru reported Swart as a missing person on 5 February at Bramley Police Station after several failed attempts to get hold of him.

Detective sergeant Phillip Munyai of the Bramley Police Station confirmed to the Afrikaans publica...

Health experts warn against using laxatives for weight loss | The Citizen

We’ve all been there – enviously eyeing fitness models on social media as they show off their rock-hard abs, sculpted legs and toned arms. It’s a dream every man and woman have – to have the perfect body, and sometimes they will go to extreme lengths to get it. Laxatives seem to be a popular go-to remedy for fast weight loss. In fact, when you type ‘can laxatives’ into Google, the first search result that pops up is ‘can laxatives cause weight loss’.

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Afrikaans performing arts celebrated at 14th kykNET Fiesta Awards | The Citizen

The crème da la crème of Afrikaans performing artists gathered at The Lookout in Cape Town on Thursday evening to celebrate the exceptional performances they, and their fellow artists, accomplished in 2023.

As guests mingled on the terrace outside with breathtaking views of the ocean, Table Bay, Lions Head and Table Mountain, sipping on world class Simonsvlei wines and MCC, enjoying decadent hors d’oeuvres, back stage the kykNET team was getting ready to honour the big winners of the evening...

28-year-old entrepreneur takes fashion world by storm with new shapewear range | The Citizen

After three years of traveling the world, meeting women of all shapes and sizes, Zanté Roberson has finally realised her vision of introducing a range of sophisticated shapewear to the South African market.  

Speaking to The Citizen, Roberson said her mission was to disrupt the industry, bidding farewell to the outdated, cumbersome shapewear of the past.

“No more layers upon layers, no more suffocating hook-and-eye closures, no more immobile garments that leave us gasping for air.”


‘Beauty with a bang’: SANDF Lieutenant Colonel a Mrs SA semifinalist | The Citizen

Camelia Grobler’s beauty pageant journey started at the beginning of February this year when she was named as one of the Mrs SA semifinalists during the pageant’s National Public Casting, held at Clearwater Mall in Randburg.

A Lieutenant Colonel in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), Grobler says she wants to break all stereotypes of women in uniform and show everyone that you can have a career in the military, and still play dress-up and be the lady you were raised to be.


Ring in the festive season at Pretoria’s hottest new exclusive restaurant | The Citizen

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” These words from English writer Virgina Woolf could not ring truer.

While a hearty home-cooked chicken pie and lasagna has its place in creating happy memories, there is something magical about fine dining.

The ambiance, presentation, flavours and service of the meal all play a big role in how enjoyable this experience is.

The Citizen was recently invited to dine at The Maslow Time Square’s new ‘pop up’ fine dini...

WATCH: First class comfort at newly revamped JHB Emirates premium lounge | The Citizen

If you have ever wondered why people fork out tens of thousands of rands to fly first class or business class, Emirates will show you just how comfortable all that cash can make your travelling journey.

The Citizen was invited to the official relaunch of the Emirates lounge at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg earlier this week where we got a little taste of how the other 1% of passengers travel.

If we are judging the ‘book by its cover’ [the stylish and comfortable lounge], w...

Sex education for adults: Why old dogs need new tricks | The Citizen

Sex education for adults is not exclusively for virgins, it is also very handy for the sexually experienced to sharpen up their bedroom skills.

According to a report by the Responsible Sex Education Institute, sex education for adults can provide a refresher on certain topics and it also gives you the opportunity to explore topics you want to learn more about.

The sex you had in your teens and young twenties may have been satisfactory for both parties at the time, but as times evolve, your...

3 reasons why Radisson Blu Sandton is the perfect stop over hotel for tourists | The Citizen

A view from the pool deck of the hotel and a delicious meal at the restaurant. Pictures: Xanet ScheepersThe Radisson Blu Sandton is perfectly situated as a stop-over hotel for tourists making their way to the Kruger National Park or for those coming to explore Johannesburg and the rich history of Cradle of Humankind – which is about an hour’s drive from the city.  

The hotel is also a good spot for business travellers as it is situated in the heart of Sandton, only minutes from Nelson Mandela...

PICS: Afrikaans film and TV stars shine bright at kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival awards | The Citizen

Actor Clint Brink with his wife Steffi Van Wyk and their daughter at the kykNET Silwerskerm Fetival. Picture: kykNET/Retha FergusonThe crème de la crème of the South African film and television industry put their best formal frocks on and shined even brighter than Mel Viljoen’s 10-carat diamond wedding ring at the Cape Town Convention Centre on Saturday night, 26 August for the kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival awards.

Well-known personalities, from Afrikaans films, television shows and actua...

‘Besmet’: How Lions are being poisoned and poached in the Kruger National Park | The Citizen

WILD LIONS: 88 000 wild lions have been killed over the last couple of years. Picture: kykNETOne of the animals that tourists are most excited about seeing when visiting the Kruger National Park is the lion. The majestic ‘king of the jungle’ has always been a symbol of strength, power and ferocity, but sadly these traits are exactly what is putting the species in grave danger.

While all eyes are on rhino poaching, trying to find solutions to protect this endangered species, another one of Afr...

PICS: A blindfolded date with Nederburg’s Dinner of Discovery | The Citizen

When you can’t see your food or the wine you are drinking, your tastebuds are plunged into darkness, unsure of the flavours dancing on your tongue.

Blindfolds have been used for many things, but hiding your food from you (unless you are on a strict diet) is unusual.

Nederburg might have recently celebrated Nederburg Baronne’s 50th birthday, their most successful red blend to date, but despite its rich history, the wine farm is set on ensuring that their product remains relevant to modern t...

Primitive luxury in the middle of the Kruger bushveld | The Citizen

Roar, roar, roarrrrr! My eyes fly open as I awake with a startle from the deep sleep I was in. It takes me a while to get my bearings and figure out where I am. It’s 4am, I am in a canvas tent at the Kruger Untamed pop-up camp, mere metres away from a dry riverbed. There is a lion outside – I don’t know how far away, but from the sound of the roars, its close. My heart rate is about 220 bpm.

My friend, who loves the Kruger, jumps out of bed getting ready to unzip the tent. I’m about to lose m...

74-year-old Sandton bar gets a R2 mil modern make-over | The Citizen

When I received an invitation to attend the launch of the revamped Lords Bar, one of the first bars to open its doors in Sandton, I was not expecting to park in the basement of a high-rise shopping centre only to emerge two floors up at a country-style hotel that has been there for 75 years.

I was in complete disbelief, standing in the gardens of the Protea Hotel Balalaika, circled by several high-rise buildings. I felt like I’ve stepped into a different universe.

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Boyce Lloyd leaving KWV has nothing to do with Anita’s TV antics | The Citizen

Not long after KWV released a statement on Thursday morning, announcing that John Loomes would be replacing Boyce Lloyd as CEO at KWV effective 1 June 2023, all hell burst lose pointing fingers to Boyce’s wife Anita as the reason for this replacement.

Anita, who is one of the cast members of reality television show Die Real Housewives van die Wynlande has had tongues wagging since episode 1 of the television show aired.

Anita’s personality and ‘potty mouth’ has been one of the hottest topi...

6 questions with comedian Mpho Popps | The Citizen

South African comedian Mpho Popps, popular to many television viewers for competing in season 6 of SABC 3’s reality competition Strictly Come Dancing is far from hanging up his entertainment shoes.

In March, Popps hosted media and guests for a fun-filled event at which Pepsico unleashed the new hottest snacks in Mzansi.

Between Mpho, singer and dancer Robot Boii and musical artist Okay Wasabi, guests had a memorable and interactive evening at the launch of the Simba, Nik Naks and Doritos F...

WATCH: Meet South Africa’s very own Tarzan from George | The Citizen

DeWet Du Toit’s childhood dream wasn’t to become a fireman or an astronaut, he had a much bigger vision for himself – he wanted to be Hollywood’s next Tarzan on the silver screen.

DeWet and his twin brother, Rudolf, have nurtured and worked tirelessly on this dream for the past 12 years, producing short videos for his YouTube channel with its 207 000 subscribers.

He has racked up an amazing 50 million views with his very entertaining low-budget Tarzan short films, and he’s doing it all wi...

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I looked my husband in the eyes for the first time on our wedding day’ – Magdalene Moonsamy | The Citizen

Power house attorney Magdalene Moonsamy’s second marriage was not love at first sight, but a relationship that slowly budded over time via zoom meetings.

The attorney met her husband in 2021 when she was a part of the panel of jurists during the International Tribunal on US Human Rights Abuses against black, brown, and indigenous peoples.

Moonsamy’s new husband is Jihad Abdulmumit, who played a direct role in the Black freedom struggles of the 1960s/1970s. He served 23 years in prison as a...

My scariest roller coaster ride was on board a cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean | The Citizen

I wouldn’t say that I consider myself an adrenaline junkie, but I do occasionally feel the need to feel my stomach flip in my throat.

The tea cups at the local music festivals are usually where I draw the line when it comes to roller coasters after my experience with the Anaconda at Gold Reef City. No, my seat didn’t malfunction, neither did I fall out or anything like that, it’s the way my heart beat in my ears during all the twists and turns. With a 9 out of 10 fear factor rating, I never t...

WATCH: Inside the caves of our ancestors at the Cradle Boutique Hotel   | The Citizen

On a cold, windy Friday morning The Citizen headed off to the Cradle Boutique Hotel, a spectacular 9 000-hectare nature reserve just outside of Johannesburg.

The itinerary merely listed our activities for the day as a game drive and lunch, so we were pleasantly surprised upon our arrival to learn that live animals were not the only things we’ll be viewing that day.

We were going to the property’s two world famous active fossil dig sites Gladysvale and Malapa.

Professor Lee Berger found...
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